Our research

The SDRC draws participants in Scotland’s excellent research environment together to encourage and promote work that has the potential for practical use and real world impact. This is important since around 88,000 people in Scotland have dementia and one and three of Scotland’s population will experience dementia during their lifetime. There are as yet no treatments to prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia.

The SDRC’s research activities involve those with or at risk of dementia, their families, and those who care for them. This means that the SDRC’s research is meaningful for people with all stages of the disease from prevention to management of its advanced stages. SDRC members add value to Scotland’s dementia research by identifying potential collaborations and working together.

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Would you like to take part in research?

The most valuable people in research are the participants who volunteer to take part. Anybody can take part in dementia research, whether they have a dementia diagnosis or not. For more information, click below.