Dementia Research in Scotland

Scotland’s dementia research community has strong tradition of impactful research with outcomes that improve the lives of people living with dementia and those who care for them. Visit our Research Themes page for an overview of the types of ongoing research taking place in Scotland.

See below for some of the work of researchers, and how we can help you with your research.

Promoting Research


The SDRC works to celebrate the ongoing work of researchers.

If you have something you would like to share with the SDRC membership, please get in touch. 

Scottish dementia and brain health research in 2022 in numbers

We attracted 54 research grant awards, totaling £14.5 million in research grants

Over 700 Scottish-based researchers contributed to a research paper or grant award

Scottish-based researchers published over 300 papers into scientific journals

    We collaborated with 2200 international researchers in 49 countries

    Research spotlight: blog

    The launch of the SDRC Impact Report 2019

    The SDRC are delighted to announce our Impact Report 2019, which was launched yesterday, 3rd June 2019 by Professor Craig Ritchie in his plenary session of the Alzheimer Scotland Annual Conference. The 840 delegates in attendance were among the first to get their...

    COVID Impact on ECRs: Tuuli Hietamies

    The SDRC are continuting our series of blogs featuring Early Career Researchers who are sharing how COVID has impacted their research and career prospects. Today's blog is from Tuuli Hietamies, thank you Tuuli for your contribution! Read the rest of the blog...

    New SDRC Executive Committee Member: Dr Leah Macaden

    Following the 2022 SDRC Executive Committee election, Dr Leah Macaden has been elected as a new member. Find out more in Leah's biography below. Dr Leah Macaden is a Senior Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Edinburgh with a rich and diverse range of academic,...

    SDRC Annual Report 2022/23: Prevention

    Dementia Prevention, is one of the themes of the SDRC and featured in the SDRC Annual Report 2022/23. Theme lead, Dr Stina Saunders, has written the following extract from the report dedicated to the research across Scotland on dementia prevention and brain health....

    More than a game- research into how football memories are helping people with dementia

    Earlier this year, the SDRC's very own Living with Dementia theme lead, Professor Debbie Tolson, contributed a blog to the Scottish Funding Council's website on Football Reminiscence. We are delighted to share this blog with you below.  The discourse of football is...

    COVID Impact on ECRs: Josie Fullerton

    Today's blog is part of our COVID Impact blog series, where we are sharing the experiences of ECRs whose research has been affected by COVID, as well as helpful insights and tips to how to work through this time. If you are a dementia or brain health researcher and...

    New SDRC Executive Committee Member: Stina Saunders

    Our final announcement of new SDRC Executive Committee members is Stina Saunders. We are delighted to have Stina joining us and look forward to working with her and all the new members. Find out more about Stina in the blog below.   I am in the final year of my PhD at...

    Early Career Researchers: Bryan Mitchell

    Throughout August, the SDRC are celebrating our next generation of researchers by publishing a series of blogs to PhD Students/ Early Career Researchers.  For the first week, we are featuring those that were in the SDRC Impact Report 2019. Read about Bryan Mitchell,...

    Early Career Researchers: Jennifer Waymont

    Today's bio in our Early Career Researcher blog series is from Jennifer Waymont at the University of Aberdeen.   Jenny Waymont is a PhD candidate in Medical Imaging at the University of Aberdeen. Her PhD thesis is on the automated detection and analysis of white...

    SDRC Annual Report 2022/23: Fundamental Science

    In the SDRC Annual Report 2022/23 we dedicated a section each to the progress and ongoing work of the SDRC research themes.  The following extract is focusing on the Fundamental Science theme, led by Professor Frank Gunn-Moore and Dr Sophie Bradley. Read more below....

    Research spotlight: video

    video coming soon

    Are you a researcher that would like to feature in this spotlight section? Get in touch to write a blog or share a video with us!

    How can I get involved in dementia research in Scotland?

    Join Dementia Research

    Anybody over the age of 18 can take part in dementia research in Scotland. The first step is signing up to support vital research studies across the nation. 

    Join Dementia Research is UK-wide service which allows you to register your interest to take part in dementia research and be matched to suitable studies. The register is open to anyone – so you do not need to have a diagnosis of dementia or any family history of the illness. You can also sign up someone else to the register, if you have their consent to do so.

    Visit the Join Dementia Research website for more information. You can also find out more about volunteering for dementia research studies by calling Alzheimer Scotland’s 24 Hour helpline on  0808 808 3000

    Supporting Research

    Funding and Career Opportunities

    Do you have insights to share with other researchers? Write a blog for the SDRC!

    We are always looking for SDRC members to feature on our website and write a guest blog for the SDRC. You may already be familiar with our blog series, where we welcome contributions from people with an experience of brain health or dementia research. Blogs are an...

    Research studies recruiting volunteers

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    Are you an Early Career Researcher?


    The SDRC understand the specific challenges that early career researchers have in their career. 

    Therefore we have created a range of resources dedicated specifically for early career researchers to support them in their development. 


    Educational content which offers practical education on specific elements of dementia or brain health research. Or masterclasses which will give advice on career progressions.

    Speakers are experts in their fields.


    We assign early career researchers to a more experienced academic who will give one-to-one advice and support. 

    This programme is currently paused but SDRC members will be notified once it restarts.

    Useful links

    We know the dementia and brain health landscape can be intimidating to those new to research in this area.

    Visit our Useful Links page to get an overview of organisations that are relevant to research and academia.

    How can I be a part of the SDRC?

    The SDRC is the biggest network of dementia and brain health research in Scotland. We all work together to celebrate and grow the research community.

    Membership is free and open to all.