We are looking for PhD Students and Early Career Researchers to feature on our website and write a guest blog for the SDRC. You may already be familiar with our blog series, with each blog focusing on a researcher or group of researchers. We welcome contributions from people from all academic backgrounds, disciplines and institutions.

From talking to you all at our events, or from feedback of our surveys, we know how much you enjoy the SDRC blogs. Whether that’s from our Principal Investigators, SDRC Executive Committee, or ECRs. We therefore want to keep the momentum going and continue to share as many blogs as we can…but we cannot do that without you!

Blogs are an ideal way to get your research and yourself out to a wide audience. We also promote our blogs on our Twitter page. They can not only start interesting conversations, but also an opportunity for collaborations with researchers.

We never want to be too prescriptive on what our bloggers talk about, whatever is on your mind! For example, you could share your experience on the following: (although it is not limited!)

  • About you and your current research
  • Your research path so far and aspirations for the future
  • Practical advice and hints and tips for other researchers¬†
  • COVID: Your experience of continuing or completing your research during a pandemic, and perhaps share insights how you are coping in this situation

If you would like to write a guest blog for the SDRC website, contact us and a brief summary of your research (one or two sentences), and we will be in touch, or fill in the form below:


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