SDRC Impact Report 2019


The SDRC are delighted to announce the launch of the Impact Report 2019

This Impact Report is part of SDRC’s commitment to championing dementia research taking place across Scotland. It presents an overview of what we know, where we are now and future ambitions within each of the key areas of brain health and dementia research. 

The SDRC Impact Report 2019 also contains our mapping data of dementia research. From this, we have found out who is doing dementia research in Scotland, details of awarded grants and research publications, and information on who our international collaborators are. Our findings include: 

  • There are over 700 post-doctoral researchers working in dementia and brain health research in Scotland
  • Since 2014, almost 400 grant awards have been awarded or active in dementia-related research, totaling £185 million
  • Scotland’s dementia researchers have published almost 1000 papers since 2014, which have been cited over 7,600 times
  • Scottish-based dementia researchers have collaborated with more than 1200 other researchers all over the world, from 43 different countries and over 400 institutions. 

To find out more about dementia and brain-health research activity in Scotland, click here to read the full SDRC Impact Report 2019


How do I join the SDRC?

The SDRC membership is open to everyone with an interest in dementia research. Best of all, it’s free! Click the link below for more information and to sign up today.