Past SDRC Conferences

Every year, the SDRC host an Annual Conference. This is an opportunity to share the work of the SDRC throughout the year and also to celebrate the achievements of our research community, including that of early career researchers. 

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See below summaries and media from our most recent Conferences.  

SDRC Conference 2023

The SDRC Conference 2023 provided a broad platform for sharing brain health and dementia research activity. On the first day, members of the SDRC Executive Committee updated on ongoing research and achievements on their respective research themes: Diagnosis, Fundamental Science, Living with Dementia, Informatics and Technology, and Prevention.

From beyond the SDRC, we also heard from research partners and friends from around Scotland: Alzheimer Scotland, Brain Health Scotland, SINAPSE, SULSA, Neuroprogressive and Dementia Network, ENRICH, Alzheimer’s Research UK.

There was a broader discussion about brain health and dementia research activity beyond Alzheimer’s including delirium, Parkinson’s, small vessel disease, stroke and traumatic brain injury.

The conference, as with every year, provided an opportunity for early career researchers to share their research findings. In addition, over both days there were presentations from those with lived experience, including participation from people living with dementia and carers.  Read: Flash report from National Dementia Carer’s Action Network (NDCAN) and the Scottish Dementia Working group (SDWG) about their experience at the Conference who shared their experience from the perspective of people with dementia and carers

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SDRC Conference 2022

The 7th Annual SDRC Conference was a two-day event, on 9th and 10th May 2022. It was held at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow.

We were delighted to be getting back to in-person meetings following the previous two Conferences being online-only due to the pandemic. Attendees seemed to greatly enjoy the opportunities for meeting new people, sharing ideas and networking which hasn’t been able to take place over the past couple of years.

The theme of the Conference was around the diagnosis and detection of dementia. In the early stages of planning the meeting it was clear that in Scotland we are spoiled for choice when it comes to innovative and impactful diagnosis research. We put together a scientific program that should have something for everyone and mixes traditional lectures, with quick fire presentations, workshops and debate. As always with SDRC meetings, we highlighted the incredible work of our early career researchers and we ensured there is plenty of time for more junior researchers to learn, present and network.

From the presentations were heard throughout the two days, the overarching theme was that the research being discussed was “only the start”. The ambition for all researchers is that their work will not be confined to academic journals. For example, their findings will lead to further research, it will form an evidence base which will change practice, will form part of an education programme in the health and care sectors.

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Conference 2021

The 2021 Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) conference took place on the 16th June 2021. Once again, due to Covid restrictions, it was an entirely virtual event.  

Professor Craig Ritchie, SDRC Chair, chaired the day. He announced the launched of the SDRC Annual Report and gave a preview of the Scottish Brain Health and Dementia Research Strategy.

Our first plenary session was by Professor Edo Richard from Radboud Medical Center, Netherlands titled Prevention of Dementia: from observations to interventions. One of the many advantages of an online conference is bringing in global expertise from researchers around the world!  

We also held three breakout sessions where delegates took part in discussions on various topics. These sessions were:

  • Behavioural Sciences: Explaining, Retaining and Sustaining Risk Factor Management,
  • Delirium and delirium prevention (dementia prevention by any other name…)
  • Understanding Dementia: Class in a Bag 

During the launch break, our virtual conference platform, which was hosted by the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), allowed delegates the opportunity to network and speak with each other through meeting rooms and private chat. 

Like previous years, the majority the afternoon sessions of the conference put the spotlight on our early career researchers from all disciplines who presented their current work.

Last but not least, the Conference closed with a session from Brain Health Scotland. 

We are so grateful to all the presenters, organisers and, of course, all of our delegates who attended. We hope to see as many of you as possible for our 2022 Conference, and we’d be delighted to welcome new and returning faces too!

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SDRC Conference 2020

The fifth annual Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) conference was held on Monday 7th September 2020, online and free for all SDRC members.

The 2020 SDRC Conference, titled “Unlocking the mysteries of data” discussed informatics and how it is used and brain health research, from prevention, diagnosis, to helping to improve the lives of those currently living with dementia. We also held three breakout sessions where delegates could listen to presentations on topics of their choice, with opportunity to ask questions, contribute to discussions and share ideas.

In the second half of the conference, heard from from PhD students and early career researchers from all disciplines who presented their current work.

Our virtual conference space will also featured exhibitors and poster displays from reseachers and organisations relating to dementia and brain health.

SDRC Conference 2019

The fourth annual Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) conference was held at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow on Monday 15th April 2019.

Over 150 people attended including members of the SDRC and members of the public with an interest in dementia research in Scotland.

The SDRC Conference showcased the world-leading dementia research taking place across Scotland. We focused on the exciting, and often unusual, research that takes place in laboratories that helps to improve our understanding of dementia and potentially discover new treatments.

We also provided opportunities for PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and others at the early stage of their research career from all disciplines to contribute to discussions and share their ideas.

The Conference was a fantastic success and we would like to thank all the speakers, presenters and everyone who came along.

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SDRC Conference 2018

The SDRC conference in 2018 brought together dementia researchers from all disciplines, and at all stages of their career. It was a fantastic opportunity to find out more about world-class research happening in Scotland from leaders in their field. What made this event special, however, was the input from Early Career Researchers, who informed other delegates of their ongoing research and the impact it is having.

The conference was a wonderful opportunity for researchers to share ideas and learn from each other. Thank you to everyone who attended for making the event such a success.

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You can watch the presentations again on the videos below, as well as some photographs of the day.