Scottish Brain Health and Dementia Research Strategy

On the 8th July 2021 Alzheimer Scotland, The Scottish Dementia Research Consortium and Brain Health Scotland launched the first Scottish Brain Health & Dementia Research Strategy. It has been supported and endorsed by a broad range of national organisations.

The strategy sets the direction of travel for research in Scotland by defining key areas with strategic actions recommending four in total:

  • Brain health and dementia research boards should be developed locally within NHS boards to pursue the local research agenda in relation to dementia and brain health. 
  • The national forum will provide a rapid research-review service to create a process that facilitates rapid translation of research into practice
  • A national scoping review should be undertaken to investigate the current situation regarding research careers in brain health and dementia in Scotland. 
  • A national strategy oversight board will be established to take responsibility for monitoring and supporting implementation of the strategy across Scotland.

What the strategy shows more than anything is the need to collaborate with the population, as co-designers, co-producers and co-beneficiaries of research work. It means no longer considering people in research studies as “subjects”, but as partners.

That is why we are all researchers.

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