On 3rd December 2021, the NHS Research Scotland Neuroprogressive and Dementia Research Network (NRS NDN) launched a new strategy. 

It sets out the Network’s intention to involve, engage with, and support people with lived experience of neuroprogressive conditions or dementia, and explore how we achieve involvement of partners in research in all facets of the Network. It also celebrates their achievements to date, outlines their current activity, and explains their aims and plans for future work.

SDRC Chair, Professor Craig Ritchie, who endorsed the strategy, says: “As chair of the Scottish Dementia Research Consortium I am delighted to relay the SDRC’s support of this important Network initiative. Elements within this strategy are of vital importance to all our work including equity of access to research from all parts of Scotland, irrespective of a person’s location, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, or race… There is a rich tapestry of organisations and people involved in discovery, design, and delivery of knowledge, cohorts, and trials in Scotland for neurodegenerative diseases under the umbrella of SDRC, we influence well above our weight, and the critical role of the Network will be assured and expand secondary to the successful delivery of their strategy.”

This new strategy from the Network aligns closely with our Scottish Brain Health and Dementia Research Strategy, which launched in July 2021. We look forward to working with our friends at the Network across all aspects including putting people with lived experience at the centre of research and increasing recruitment to studies.

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