Support for Early Career Researchers


Early Career Researchers are an integral part of the dementia research community, both in Scotland and across the world. The SDRC are committed to supporting and strengthening the breadth and depth of all research. And a key element of this to give support for Early Career Researchers.


For this reason, we have created a range of services specifically to support Early Career Researchers. This includes programmes which are an opportunity to learn more about different disciplines of dementia research. We also have resources for more general career advice. Please see below what resources are currently available, along with what we plan to roll out in the near future. We will be adding more resources as we can arrange them. So make sure you are an SDRC member to be the first to know when these launch. Also, follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates. 

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Mentorship Programme

The SDRC Executive have established a mentorship programme, which is available to all of our members who are Early Career Researchers.

We have already had one round of very successful Mentoring partnerships in 2020. The programme is currently paused, but we will launch another round in 2021. 

However, you can register your interest for now



The SDRC have launched a webinar series focussed on ECRs. These webinars will take place on the first Wednesday of every month.

We have a diverse range of talks lined up on a variety of topics. From research insights to practical support for your own research career, you are sure to learn something new!

Keep checking our events page to sign up for future events.  Also, visit the Webinar page to watch back previous events.

Ambassador Programme

We know how difficult the past year has been for ECRs. In no small part due to a lack of networking and relationship building opportunities.

Event travel may not be happening now, but we are hopeful events can go ahead once again soon. And the SDRC want to support ECRs to access and attend these meetings. This includes preventing you from missing these important opportunities due to cost. This programme will open as soon possible. In the meantime, please register your interest.

Funding and Career Opportunities

We keep on the look out for studentships, fellowships and any other opportunities that may help you take the next steps in your research career.

This section is also where we will post any future funding opportunities that we are aware of, or create ourselves, so stay tuned


Read the latest Early Career Researcher Activity

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Recently as part of the launch of the SDRC Annual Report 2019/20, we have been sharing the work early career researchers by publishing a series of blogs from the ECRs that feature in the report. Today, we are featuring Jennifer Waymont, a PhD student from the...

Early Career Researchers: Anca Sandu-Giuraniuc

As you may have seen, the SDRC have started a blog series featuring bios from ECRs. Read the series so far here. Today's bio is of Anca Sandu-Giuraniuc from the University of Aberdeen.  Anca is a postdoctoral research fellow working in Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging...

Early Career Researchers: Stina Saunders

Throughout August, the SDRC are publishing a series of blogs from PhD Students/ Early Career Researchers in dementia and brain health.   For the first week, we are featuring those that were in the SDRC Impact Report 2019.  Read about Stina Saunders' research as a PhD...

Launch of the SDRC Early Career Researcher Group

The SDRC are very excited to announce the launch of our Early Career Researcher (ECR) Group. This group are made up of ECRs from research institutions across Scotland, representing all dementia and brain health disciplines. Their purpose is to advise the SDRC...

COVID Impact on ECRs: Josie Fullerton

Today's blog is part of our COVID Impact blog series, where we are sharing the experiences of ECRs whose research has been affected by COVID, as well as helpful insights and tips to how to work through this time. If you are a dementia or brain health researcher and...

COVID Impact on ECRs: Michael Smith

In the coming days, the SDRC are publishing a series of blogs featuring Early Career Researchers who are sharing how COVID has impacted their research and career prospects.  Today's blog is by Michael Smith, a PhD student from UWS. A Deep roots are not reached by the...

Early Career Researchers: Miriam Scarpa

Throughout August, the SDRC are celebrating our next generation of researchers by publishing a series of blogs to PhD Students/ Early Career Researchers.  Read the previous blogs here Our next blog is from Miriam Scarpa. Miriam gives us a fascinating overview of her...

International Researcher: Ariel Frame

Today, the SDRC goes international! This guest blog is form Ariel K. Frame, PhD Candidate from the neuroscience graduate program at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. Ariel tells us about research and a desire to work in Scotland.     I am a neurobiologist...

COVID Impact on ECRs: Katie Gambier-Ross

If you have been following on the SDRC website, you will have seen our blog series featuring some wonderful Early Career Researchers and student, sharing insights on how COVID has been impacting their research and career prospects, as well as some helpful tips for all...

COVID Impact on ECRs: Edel Roddy

The SDRC are publishing a series of blogs featuring Early Career Researchers who are sharing how COVID has impacted their research and career prospects. The first blogs in this series also featured in our COVID Research Impact Report which we published in April. Read...

How do I join the SDRC?

Resources to support Early Career Researchers are open only to SDRC Members. If you are not already a member, you can sign up for free today