The SDRC Annual Report 2022, launched at the SDRC Annual Conference on Monday 9th May. It outlines what research has been ongoing in dementia and brain health research in Scotland in the past 12 months. It includes the updates from each of the SDRC Research Themes, as well as the results of our mapping of research.

The report provides an update from each of the key areas of research including: Diagnosis; Fundamental science; Living with dementia; Prevention and Informatics & Technologies. The mapping goes into detail of the achievements of dementia and brain health researchers based in Scotland throughout 2021. This includes the number of active researchers, grant awards, published papers and international collaborations.

A summary of the results are as follows:

  • We attracted ¬£16 million in research grants, double the figure of last year
  • Over 500 Scottish-based researchers either contributed to a research paper or had been part of a grant application, which includes 70 PhD students
  • Researchers published almost 230 papers
  • We collaborated with 1400 international researchers in 44 countries¬†

Click here to read the SDRC Annual Report 2021/22 in full

About the SDRC


The Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) is a network of over 800 dementia researchers, policy makers and people living with dementia from across Scotland. The membership-based organisation was formed in 2013. SDRC champions the work of world-class dementia researchers in all disciplines across Scotland. In addition, the SDRC aims to help develop this research further still by promoting collaboration and the sharing of new ideas among its membership.