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Technologies for Brain Health and Dementia Prevention

Innovative technologies to enhance brain health and support people affected by dementia and their caregivers are growing as fast as their rapidly changing needs. Scotland is a hub of technological innovation. We therefore have the knowledge, experience, and expertise among us to leverage this wealth of innovation to support those affected by dementia or are at risk of developing the condition.

This Special Interest Group will bring together stakeholders from a range of experiences to share their knowledge and expertise to discuss innovations to support people living with dementia and those who care for them. 

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Latest News

Technologies for Brain Health and Dementia Prevention Workshop

In June 2022, we hosted a two-day event that included keynote speakers and interactive workshop sessions. We discussed ideas of how supportive technologies can best meet the needs of people affected by dementia. We also encouraged discussions on theories and applications of emerging technologies with an emphasis on brain health.

You can catch up on the full day, including presentations and session summaries on the DHI website

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What are the aims of the SIG on Technology for Brain Health and Dementia Prevention?

 The Technology and Informatics theme of the Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) and the Healthy Ageing Innovation Cluster of the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre (DHI) have decided to support the creation of spaces where the communities involved in technological innovations for Brain Health and Dementia Prevention can come together to:

  1. Discuss ideas of how supportive technologies can best meet the needs of people affected by dementia.
  2. Encourage discussions on theories and applications of emerging technologies with an emphasis on brain health and dementia prevention.
  3. Explore synergies among ongoing initiatives in technologies for brain health to harness the power that Scotland hosts to contribute to the emerging challenges identified by the UK government.

Special Interest Group Activity

Recent Activity

 UWS Creative Computing Technologies Symposium, 23 June 2023

With the aim to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration the First UWS Creative Computing Technologies (CCT) Symposium was officially launched.  The Symposium provided a forum for discussing applications of creative computing to health, and in particular ageing and the reducing intergenerational gap. This showcased the activity of the group, which aims to develop new knowledge, understanding, technologies,  and applications of creative computing to areas outside of the entertainment and film industry. 

One of the speakers at the Symposium was SDRC Executive Committee member, Mario Parra Rodriguez who presented how virtual reality and technology could potentially be applied to the diagnosis and support of patients with dementia.

Participants of the Symposium actively engaged in the development of new ideas and collaborations which will be followed up for potential funding applications.

The Special Interest Group will continue to work with the CCT, sharing experience and expertise to further our aims of using technology to support people living with, or at risk of dementia and those who care for them.


Publications by SIG members

This section will showcase relevant publications to academic journals authored by members of the Special Interest Group. Please email us if you have a publication that you would like to share. 

Funding Opportunities

Please see below a list of potential relevant funding opportunities. If you are aware of any opportunities you would like to share with the group, please get in touch. 

Projects of the SIG

Here we will record projects that have emerged from interactions within the group. This will be updated in due course.


Governmental Commitments to Supportive Technology

At a Scottish Government level, the Technology section of the Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy states that the “Technology Charter will ensure that everyone with a diagnosis of dementia and those who care for them are aware of, and have access to, a range of proven technologies to enable people living with dementia to live safely and independently”.

Furthermore, the UK Industrial Strategy has “Ageing Society” as one of its Grand Challenges. By integrating medical, social and technological development, the challenge will develop new products and services that offer choice, meet the aspirations of stakeholders through better, more effective care, support an independent lifestyle as they age. The strategy acknowledges that by working together, the government, academics, and industry can address the challenges of ageing whilst capturing a growing global market.

Who are the members of the SIG and how can I join?

The following are members of the Special Interest Group. If you would like to register and be added to this list, please fill in the form below 


Who are the Special Interest Group Members and How Can I Join?

See the dropdown list below for a full list of members. If you would like to join this group, please do so by filling out the short application form. 

List of Special Interest Group Members

Name Affiliation
Bettina Platt University of Aberdeen
Samantha Wilson University of Liverpool
Louise McCabe University of Stirling
Claire Cleland Queen’s University Belfast
Mizan Rambhoros  
Alison Porter Edinburgh Napier University
William McGeown University of Strathclyde
Tom Russ University of Edinburgh/NHS
Javier Escudero  University of Edinburgh
Marion MacInnes NHS
Ailin Chen University of Stirling
Harleen Rai University of Strathclyde
Coco Newton Cambridge
Wyn Fanshawe Capture the Event Services Ltd
Alan Gow Heriot-Watt University
Mohammad Mainuddin Mollah The University of the West of Scotland
Darren Evans After Cloud
Zeke Steer Milbotix Ltd
Gaetano Di Caterina University of Strathclyde
Carla Resendiz Norscot Joinery & Teesside University
Mario A Parra University of Strathclyde
Roma Maguire Strathclyde
Ruaridh Clark University of Strathclyde
Tracey Ward Scottish Enterprise
Janette Hughes Digital health and care innovation centre
Subramanian Ramamoorthy University of Edinburgh
Donald MacIntyre University of Edinburgh
Avalon Campbell-Cousins University of Edinburgh
Kerry Kilborn Glasgow University
Vivek Pattan NHS Forth Valley
Danial of Kahani Strathclyde
Avalon Campbell-Cousins Edinburgh University
Nicolas Rubido University of Aberdeen, King’s College
Mark  Dunlop Strathclyde
Sarah Whear University of Glasgow
Scott MacLeod Heriot-Watt University
Jeanette Maitland Founder Member of NDCAN
Annabel Young University of Stirling
Geoff Orry SDWG Alzheimer Scotland
Stephen Butler University of Strathclyde
Daniel Abasolo University of Surrey
Grant Gibson University of Stirling
Kieren egan University of Strathclyde 
Meiyii Lim Heriot Watt University
Desmond Mansfield Scottish Enterprise
Mauro Dragone Heriot-Watt University
Sarah E MacPherson University of Edinburgh
Suvish S Kumar  Glasgow Caledonian University 
Gary Conelius 
Diane Rasmussen Pennington University of Strathclyde

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