On the 3rd June 2019, we launched the SDRC Impact Report 2019

 For the first time, we now have an overall picture of who is doing dementia research in Scotland. In addition to providing this overview, we also have a section in the report for each of the SDRC research themes. Professor Debbie Tolson, lead for the Living with Dementia theme, has provided an overview of research happening across Scotland relating to this theme. You can read this excerpt from the report below. 

There are currently 138 researchers and 43 PhD students working within the Living with Dementia research theme across Scotland. Collectively they have secured over £5million in grant funding and 135 publications in the past five years.

Collaboration across higher education institutions has proved key to ensuring our ability to produce high-quality, original and impactful research which makes a difference to the lives of those living with dementia.
Our current research explores all areas of living with dementia, from early diagnosis, to the advance stages and dying with dementia. There is a particular focus on understanding the experiences of the individual and developing interventions to support and improve the lives of those with dementia.
Some examples of our interdisciplinary collaborations and current research are:
• Seminal research exploring the experience of dementia in employment led by University of the West of Scotland and Heriot Watt University, with follow-on studies led by Napier with University of the West of Scotland and Heriot Watt University

• The role of music in maintaining wellbeing (Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Edinburgh)

• Delirium in the acute hospital setting (University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian University and University of Edinburgh)

• Care in the advanced stages of dementia (Palliare) (University of the West of Scotland and 6 EU partners)

• Evaluations of specific initiatives such as football reminiscence interventions, individualised sensory interventions, complementary therapies and dementia dogs, dementia friendly walking football, dementia friendly choirs, dementia friendly care home community (University of the West of Scotland)

• Development of new models of care such as person-centred care (Queen Margaret University)

• Relational co-operative care (University of Edinburgh)

• Communication in advanced dementia (Adaptive Interaction) and its behavioural and psychological impact (University of St Andrews)

• Non-pharmacological interventions for people with learning disability and dementia (University of Stirling)

• Research into the role of design, people spaces and places neighbourhood study (University of Stirling)

One of our key aims is to strengthen interdisciplinary research and build inclusive cross institutional teams. We are keen to secure funding that accelerates success and impact of early career researchers and studies that advance and propel caring innovations including those that sustain family caring and use of leading-edge technology.

If you want to know about dementia research in Scotland, click here to read the SDRC Impact Report 2019 in full. 

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