Earlier this year, the SDRC announced the launch of the Scottish Brain Health Register. The register is led by the Scottish Dementia Informatics Platform (part of the SDRC) and supported by Alzheimer Scotland, you can read more about the launch in our previous blog post by clicking here.

 The SDIP has been working hard over the past six months on the pilot scheme of the Scottish Brain Health Register in small areas, to get ready for a roll out across Scotland. 

But what exactly is a Research Interest Register? What is Scottish Brain Health Register? Who is it for? How does it work? And how does it work with brain health registers that already exist? See these slides below which will give you an overview.

The Scottish Dementia Informatics Platform will bring together data from multiple sources to help healthcare professionals to provide the right treatments, at the right time, to the right person and the SBHR is a key component of this work. The Scottish Brain Health Register is not designed to duplicate or replace the several excellent ways already in place for people to get involved in research. However, the SBHR is designed to complement these initiatives in a specific and targeted way for care and prevention research in all types and stages of dementia.

As with all research, collaboration is key!

If you would like to talk about the Scottish Brain Health Register, you can find the SBHR on twitter, @ScotBHR.

Lewis Killin, SDIP Project Manager, can be found @LewisKillin

For further information about how to get involved contact CDPReferrals@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk or call 0131 650 6794.