The SDRC continuing to publish a series of blogs from PhD Students/ Early Career Researchers in dementia and brain health that were featured in the SDRC Annual Report 2019/20.  Our blog today is from Krista Winkler, a former MSc student in research relating to the Scottish Dementia Informatics Partnership theme. 

I completed my MSc in Clinical Trials in November 2019. My dissertation centred on the public’s current perception of dementia and dementia research. I developed an expert-validated questionnaire to gather data on the public’s experience with dementia, their knowledge of dementia as a disease, their perception of dementia research, and their concerns (if any) regarding data collection during studies. I am now working on publishing my Master’s thesis as an article.

A few months ago I moved to the south of Germany. This area is a hot spot for pharmaceutical companies and research companies. I hope to work with clinical trials and advance my research in the areas of dementia and cancer in particular.

I am now on maternity leave. I have most recently worked at a wholesale pharmaceutical company in Berlin, while reading in parallel for my Masters degree part-time via distance learning at the University of Edinburgh.

Prior to this, I graduated from the B.Pharm course in Malta in 2011, my Bachelor’s thesis abstract was published in the journal Rheumatology.

I hope to use my time on maternity leave for academic purposes and would also be open to more academic research in the future if opportunities arise.

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