Our blog today is by Linda Nicholson, a part-time Ph.D. student at the University of Dundee. Linda is also a registered nurse and is currently a Lecturer in Applied Life Sciences. Read more about Linda’s research below

My current research project is focussed around understanding the lived experience of person-centred care for older people with dementia.  I spent 2 years at one University and then transferred to another, which was difficult and time consuming to do.  The reason for this was that I needed to receive enhanced support required for my particular research. There is some differences in processes in each University and it has taken me some time to get the hang of it.  I am also self-funded and the costs are challenging to meet.  That said, I am passionate about the care of people with dementia and I am determined to continue with the research for as long as possible.

Given what is known so far about person centred care for people with dementia, and the evidence that I have accrued following literature review, my research questions are:

  1. How do people with dementia experience health and social care services?
  2. How do their care experiences accord with the principles and practices of person centred care?

This research study will follow a process of sequential steps, as demonstrated in the diagram below. The steps have been colour coded to indicate research proposal progress:

Research Study Framework

Green = completed

Amber = next steps

Red = final steps