Today, 10th October 2022, the SDRC will open nominations for researchers to join Executive Committee and for the position of Chair- members will receive an email to their inbox with further details.

SDRC Chair, Professor Craig Ritchie is standing down. Please read below for Craig’s blog reflecting on his role and looking to the future of the SDRC and the research community more widely.  

As you all think about the news that we are looking to refresh the SDRC executive, I’d like to let you know that my term as Chair of the SDRC Executive is coming to an end too. I have been the chair of this amazing committee for three terms and have the fondest memories of this as well as a real pride in the achievements we have all contributed to as an organisation.

Over the last 5 years, we have seen a growth in membership from 280 to nearly 1000 which has mainly been driven by a rapid increase in the number of ECR members. This was and remains our goal, to make SDRC an attractive and important part of the ECR career pathway in Scotland. We still have a long way to go and I know that the organisations commitment and drive for this will only increase in the years ahead. We launched the Brain Health and Dementia Research Strategy last year – the first of its kind globally, where both engagement and ECR pathways are at the heart of the strategic intent and objectives.

I am especially pleased with the reaction we had and delivered on for ECRs at the start of the COVID pandemic, this led to a plan for ECRs that included exchanges, a mentorship programme and webinar series. This will grow with more direct funding becoming available as well as web-based solutions for raising awareness of our work globally and helping connections internally.

The world faces real challenges in terms of the numbers of people with dementia and t risk of dementia. Scotland influences well above our weight from academic outputs, clinical developments and 3rd sector leadership. This will continue to grow as the Life Sciences sector also can leverage this incredible foundation. In doing so we can grow the visibility, resources and attractiveness of Scotland as a world leader in Brain Health and Dementia care, research and teaching.

Ultimately, this is all for nothing unless we an see and drive direct impact on the wellbeing of people at all stages of neurodegenerative disease both here in Scotland and, through our influence, globally.

SDRC is a crucial part of the Brain Health Ecosystem in Scotland and is set fair for further growth, influence and impact.

I’ve enjoyed my time as chair but can’t wait to see how things develop under new, invigorated and passionate leadership. I will always help those who share our vision.

We are sure all members will share our gratitude for Craig for all his work in developing the SDRC over the past few years


Meet the rest of the Executive Committee

Our SDRC Executive Committee are researchers and contain representation from different career stages, institutions and research disciplines. They are active in supporting the work of the SDRC and dementia and brain health research more widely

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