Conference 2024: Researcher Awards

The Scottish Dementia Research Consortium, NRS Neuroprogressive and Dementia Network and Brain Health ARC are committed to supporting and celebrating the work of researchers across all career stages and disciplines. 

We are calling for nominations to recognise the achievements and hard work of our community. The winners will be announced at the Celebrating Scottish Research Conference, which takes place on 13-14 June 2024.  Find out more about the Conference and register here.

For this year’s Conference, we have a range of award categories, both for researchers and research projects. You can nominate yourself, or a researcher you know, in as many categories as you wish. Find out more about these categories below

Closing date for nominations is Monday 20 May 2024.

All people nominating must be a member of the SDRC. If you are not an SDRC member, sign up for free here.

Award Categories

Researcher categories

  •  Rising Star

For this award we are interested in people who are early in their research career but have potential to be a leader in dementia research.
We recognise that ‘early in research career’ can mean different things to different people and have deliberately not set time based restrictions.
In the nomination text it will be helpful if you can describe the career of the nominee so far 

  • Academic Citizenship

We have a thriving dementia research community in Scotland and each of us contributes to this.
In this award we want to recognise those people who support the research community in ways beyond their contracted research and teaching.
Activities that could be considered as academic citizenship include, but are not limited to, mentorship, outreach, peer review, committee / professional society work and many others.

  •  Supporting Early Career Researchers

The commitment and passion of people who are new to dementia research is impressive. More senior researchers can help realise this potential in several ways. For this award we are looking for evidence of activities that goes beyond supporting people from your host Institution.
As with the rising star award, we recognise that ‘early in research career’ can mean different things to different people and have deliberately not set time based restrictions.

Project categories

  • Biggest Impact for people with lived experience
  • Involvement of people with lived experience in research
  • Most inclusive research

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