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Alzheimer Scotland is pleased to announce the launch of the Student Research Programme.

Alzheimer Scotland, with support of the Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC), is establishing a new research programme, which will fund studentships for projects for dementia and brain health in Scotland. This aligns with the Scottish Brain Health and Dementia Research Strategy, which aims to make Scotland the best environment for research, including supporting the career development of Early Career Researchers.

In the first year of this scheme, the Alzheimer Scotland Student Research Programme will fund two MRes projects. This specific funding round will award studentships relating to the intersection of the research themes “Living with Dementia” and “Diagnosis”.  

These MRes projects will be fully funded. Funding not only includes tuition fees and consumables but also a stipend for each student. This will support people to pursue a research career and develop ideas that otherwise may be difficult. The projects can be a starting point to more research, or form part of a piece of a bigger research puzzle.

What makes the Alzheimer Scotland Student Research Programme different to other funding schemes is that it will offer more than a financial contribution. By working together with colleagues, volunteers and networks within Alzheimer Scotland, successful applicants will develop their research communication skills and be offered many important networking opportunities.

Applications for the Alzheimer Scotland Student Research Programme are now open. The first round of applications will involve producing a lay summary, after which successful applications will be invited to submit a more detailed funding proposal.

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Closing date for applications is the 13 January 2023.