Value £32,000
Institution Alzheimer Scotland/ Police Scotland
Contract Type Service
Title Missing people with dementia research study

This project, jointly with Police Scotland and Alzheimer Scotland, will undertake a social impact evaluation on Return Discussions pilot service which aims to reduce the number of missing persons with dementia . It will also investigate the cost to emergency services when a person with dementia goes missing in Scotland.


A Return Discussion (RD) is an open conversation with the affected family, of the circumstances surrounding a reported missing incident.

A major grant has now been secured from the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust to help expand this important work into new locality areas of Fife and Lanarkshire during 2024/25. Alongside the pilot expansion, funding will also enable commissioning of an independent evaluation study, to capture the cost of a missing person with dementia to the Emergency Services. We’re looking for an academic partner to scope and carry out this research alongside Alzheimer Scotland and Police Scotland teams.

The award of this notice will be granted to one academic organisation, based on their previous (and verifiable) track record of work in a similar project or on a similar subject.

The funders are looking for an academic partner to carry out a social impact evaluation on:

  1. the Return Discussion pilot service in the Edinburgh, Fife and Lanarkshire Police division areas
  2. to quantify the costs to Police and Emergency Services when a person with dementia goes missing in Scotland.

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The application deadline is 12 December 2023