Max Clow, from Abertay University, is recruiting participants for a research study. Max is looking for people with experience as carers, both paid an unpaid to evaluate a website for use in residential care settings to assist caregivers in providing patient-centred care. See below for more information on how to get involved. 

Project title: Development & Evaluation of a patient-centred dementia-support web application

The project aims to create a website for use in residential care settings to assist caregivers in providing patient-centred care to dementia patients. The site consists of profiles of “residents”, that relatives and family members would be able to use to upload information about their loved one. Information such as details about their life (early age, working life etc.), their favourite foods etc. would be included in the profile, which would allow care givers to provide more tailored care in the form of reminiscence. This project aims to include both caregivers of people with dementia and relatives to test the site and give their perspectives.

Participation will include completing several tasks on the website, before filling out a survey with scale response questions and open ended questions. These are all focused on the usability and the utility of the website. Participation should take a maximum of 30 minutes

Since there are two different perspectives that I’m wanting to retrieve data from, I have created two separate registration forms. To clarify the two different participant categories:

Carers – 18+, living in the UK, who are currently OR have previously worked in the dementia unit of a residential care home as a care giver

Family/Relatives – 18+, living in the UK, who currently OR previously have had a loved one with dementia living in a residential care home.

For participants to register interest, they can fill out the registration forms that I have linked below. Both contain further information about the project as well as a Data Management Plan.

Carer Registration Form –

Family Registration Form –

If anyone has any questions, they can contact me at

If you are a researcher that would like to share your work with SDRC members, please get in touch with us.

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